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Security Services

- Armed and Unarmed Security
- Uniformed Security
- Plainclothes & Undercover Bodyguards
- Special Event Security
- Sporting Event Security
- Corporate Event Security
- Concierge
- Fireguard
- Executive Protection Services
- Celebrity Protection Services
- Disaster and Emergency Response
- Trade Show and Convention Security
- Crowd Control
- Risk and Threat Assessment
- Crisis Response Scenarios

- Critical Infrastructure
- Network Vulnerability, Threat &
  Risk Assessment (VRTA)
- Penetration Testing
- Compliance Consulting


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At MG Security Services We go beyond physical security — we deliver cyber security as well.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is a term used to describe assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy. Some examples are financial services, energy companies (nuclear, petroleum, chemical, electric etc.), transportation systems and telecommunications. These assets represent potential prime targets for adversaries. Central to protecting these assets is the ability to assess vulnerability and risk. Our team has experience assessing vulnerabilities, analyzing and mitigating risk to the physical and cyber elements of critical infrastructure assets. We work with our critical infrastructure partners to select and implement risk reduction strategies that meet their decision making needs and support their individual business models.

Network Vulnerability, Threat and Risk Assessment (VRTA)

One of the complex issues related to cyber security is deciding on how much security is necessary for proper control of system and network assets. At the core of this issue are the concepts of vulnerability, threat and risk assessments (VTRA). Measuring potential loss and the probability of occurrence can be very difficult and requires a structured and integrated approach. MGSS’s vulnerability, threat and risk assessments provide an objective evaluation utilizing proven methodology.

  • identify assets and identify which are most critical
  • identify, characterize, and assess threats
  • assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats
  • determine the risk (i.e. the expected consequences of specific types of attacks on specific assets)
  • identify ways to reduce those risks
  • prioritize risk reduction measures based on a strategy

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a real world cyber-attack performed by security experts on a company’s IT infrastructure to discover exploitable security flaws. Penetration testing uncovers critical issues and demonstrates how well your network and information assets are protected. By engaging MGSS to emulate your adversaries, you can discover critical vulnerabilities and proactively remediate them before they are exploited. Throughout the engagement, our team will remain in close contact with your organization to provide ongoing status reports, immediate identification of critical risks and knowledge transfer to your technical team.

Compliance Consulting

The first challenge for most organizations is understanding the cyber security requirements that are being imposed by a regulatory compliance. We help our clients interpret federal, state and local cyber security regulations within the context of their unique business model and help them understand what it means to comply. Our cyber security compliance methodology consists of the C5 Compliance Analysis as follows:
  • Context Interpretation - Interpreting the standard in the context of your unique business environment
  • Compliance assessment
  • Closing compliance gaps
  • Communication. Providing a compliance statement for organizations to use with third parties to demonstrate their compliance with the standard or regulation
  • Compliance update

24/7 Network Monitoring

MGSS can provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring of your network. Our monitoring platform securely and seamlessly connects to your infrastructure, providing the most advanced event detection and efficient workflow management. If suspicious activity is detected, an MGSS team member will analyze the nature of the threat, judge its validity and provide immediate response. We have the staff and the expertise to remediate problems that arise during event monitoring. Our network monitoring services provide detailed metrics and visibility allowing our team to work quickly and effectively. MGSS will provide reports and analysis on all significant activity.

Data Protection

Data has become the critical mass of organizations of all sizes, without it businesses risk immeasurable losses and potential failure. Today’s technology is centered on fast changing data that rapidly move through infrastructures on premises and in the cloud that require a varying levels of security. MGSS provides a comprehensive suite of data protection services that will ensure data remains secure and out of the reach of unauthorized personnel. Our team of highly specialized data protection engineers have the expertise and ingenuity to architect a full scale data protection plan to mitigate data loss and costly downtime.

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