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Investigative Services

- Fingerprinting Services
- Employment Background Checks
- Risk Assessment
- White Collar Crime Audit
- Computer Fraud
- Corporate Abuse Investigation
- Corporate Compliance and Governance
- Vendor Screening
- Computer Forensics
- Investigative Due Diligence
- Fraud Prevention and Detection
- Crisis Management
- Litigation Support


Corporate Security: Beyond the Badges

As a Hiring Filter, Credit Checks Draw Questions

Hackers Reveal Offers to Spy on Corporate Rivals

Shoplifters? Studies Say Keep an Eye on Workers

Too Many New Gadgets, Too Much Information at Risk


Edgar de Leon Testimonial

New York City Private Detective Agencies Investigate Employee Fraud and Asset Misuse to Limit Legal Exposure and Identify Corporate Corruption

New York City corporations today are more alert to the realities of the many faces of crime and are re-drawing their internal standards to be better able to identify problems early. MG Security Services LLC provides some of the largest Manhattan firms with private investigator services and sophisticated private detective strategies and tools so enterprises and executives with large assets at risk can have protection on every front -- from international terrorism to garden-variety white collar crime.

Our Private Investigators Have Access to Information That Your Firm Needs to Make Decisions

Your business runs on information. Like-wise there are forces that are actively working against your firm's best interest and their business runs on information, too. Our highly-trained private detectives and private investigators can assess your business practices and identify weaknesses in your information and document systems, exposing vulnerabilities. A sensitively conducted employee review can expose any unknown issues relative to your current staff and trusted others who have access to your firm's physical plant and/or other properties. Future relations -- with future employees, future vendors, or future business partnerships -- can be thoroughly examined through hard-to-access databases that are off-limits to the general population but are accessible to our licensed private investigators. Without identifying who they represent, our private detective is able to interview strategically placed persons and collect relevant documents, activities that would be difficult or impossible for a company staffer to replicate.

New York City Professional Private Detectives are a Contemporary Solution to Modern Crime

Computer hacking is a common crime that bleeds millions of dollars from American businesses both large and small every day. Most of this criminal and destructive activity goes unnoticed and unabated. Intellectual property theft is a high art form in every industry and can involve trade secrets, clients lists, process information, access to proprietary vendor agreements and even unannounced marketing plans. Our professionals are familiar with how criminals operate and can address your firm's concerns quickly.

Quietly Addressing Security Concerns of Businesses and High-Net-Worth Individuals Every Day

- Fingerprinting Services - Vendor Screening
- Employment Background Checks - Computer Forensics
- Risk Assessment - Investigative Due Diligence
- White Collar Crime Audit - Fraud Prevention and Detection
- Computer Fraud and Corporate Abuse Investigation - Crisis Management
- Corporate Compliance and Governance - Litigation Support

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Our investigation teams are drawn from the ranks of security and law enforcement agencies and organizations including military intelligence, FBI, police and Special Forces as well as lawyers and business executives from various industries. We have computer specialists and espionage experts.

Call our Investigation Services Department at 212-242-6477 with any questions about our methods. Our team will advise you on the next steps you can take to effectively and ethically close your security vulnerabilities.