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Video Archive

Counter-Terrorism Security Expert: 'This Is The New Norm & It Will Happen Again' (12/2017)

Tristes e indignados se encuentran los familiares del sospechoso de detonar una bomba en Nueva York (12/2017)

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Precauciones para actuar ante un tiroteo(10/2017)

Here's how hotel security might change after the deadliest shooting in US history (10/2017)

Gun experts: Las Vegas shooter used 'fully' automatic weapon (10/2017)

Times Square Crash Incident Will Be Lesson For Police, Terrorists, Expert Says (05/2017)

Feds worried about laptop bombs on planes (03/2017)

Terrorist Groups Testing Laptop Bomb That Can Evade Airport Security, Officials Say (03/2017)

Banning Laptops (03/2017)

How U.S. authorities are trying to keep pedestrians safe from vehicle attacks (03/2017)

Delta Flights Returning To Normal After System Outage (02/2017)

Charges Dropped Against Teen Suspect In Murder Of Brooklyn Rabbi (01/2017)

Social media helps police nab suspect in Irving Plaza shooting (01/2017)

Retired FBI agent: Airport attack 'cold-blooded murder' (01/2017)

Concerns With Airport ‘Soft Target' Security In Wake Of Fort Lauderdale Shooting (01/2017)

Intelligence warns of possible terror threat in NY, 2 other states on Monday: report (11/2016)

Deadly shooting of Bronx woman, 66, by police 'should never have happened': mayor (10/2016)

Security Tight In New York City Following Chelsea Bombing (09/2016)

Former FBI Agent: Second Device Found 'Reminds Me Of The Boston Bombing' (09/2016)

"Crude, simple" device in Chelsea blast used household materials (09/2016)

Anyone Can Buy Compound Used In Chelsea Bombing (09/2016)

Strained relations between police and communities (09/2016)

Are NewJersey Voting Machines Vulnerable to Hacking? (08/2016)

Did Clinton mishandle classified info after leaving State Department? (08/2016)

Surveillance Reveals Some Patrons Inside JFK Airport Acted Extremely Disruptive After Watching Olympics (08/2016)

Olympics celebration may have sparked JFK Airport panic (08/2016)

New Contract May Mean No Extra NYPD Officers At Stadium Events (08/2016)

The Investigators: Gun Used In Dallas Massacre Similar to Other Mass Shootings (07/2016)

Experts Call For Action After CIA Director Warns Of ISIS' Continued Threat To West (06/2016)

Getting Hacked Mid-Flight Is Easier Than You Think (06/2016)

Balancing tolerance with safety on immigration (06/2016)

NYPD: Man Linked To Knifepoint Robberies May Have Struck Again (06/2016)

Alleged Islamic State Sympathizer Ordered Held Without Bail (05/2016)

Bronx man accused of trying to help ISIS (05/2016)

US Intelligence Source: EgyptAir Flight 'Fell Like A Rock' (05/2016)

Port Drone-detection system tested at JFK Airport (05/2016)

Port Authority Calls for Private Company to Handle Security if TSA Doesn´t Improve (05/2016)

Trump conocerá secretos de Estadoá (05/2016)

Federal probe looks into Mayor de Blasio's fundraising (04/2016)

Pope Francis wants to fight ISIS with 'weapons of love' (03/2016)

Alertan a estadounidenses sobre peligro de ir a Europa (03/2016)

Terrorism experts say while New Yorkers are safe from attacks, more security is vital (03/2016)

Former FBI Agent: Brussels Victims Had No Leadership Following Terror Attacks (03/2016)

New survey finds morale is low among NYPD officers (03/2016)

Apple Objects to FBI’s Request for Software to Bypass iPhone Security (02/2016)

Apple not backing down from FBI pressure (02/2016)

Assessing the terror threat in 2016 (01/2016)

Experts, Pols Debate How To Silence Terrorist Groups On Social Media (12/2015)

Some Nassau street cops to get tactical weapons (12/2015)

Terror Expert Manny Gomez Weighs In (12/2015)

Does the US have the intel resources to prevent terrorism? (11/2015)

Tourists hiring private security in NYC despite no credible threats from ISIS (11/2015)

Former FBI agent talks about possible ISIS threat in NYC (11/2015)

Former FBI Special Agent On Paris Attacks (11/2015)

NYPD Steps Up Presence As New Yorkers Express Sadness Over Deadly Paris Attacks (11/2015)

Terror Expert Manny Gomez Weighs In (11/2015)

Jamaican lottery scam costs Americans millions (10/2015)

ISIS ties to Chattanooga shooter? (07/2015)

FBI Thwarts Terror Attacks Tied To 4th Of July (07/2015)

Technical difficulties at three major institutions just a coincidence? (07/2015)

Man´s selfie atop Brooklyn Bridge raises eyebrows about security (06/2015)

Fifth arrest made in New Jersey for terror-related charges (06/2015)

Esposo de costurera acusada de ayudar a prófugos dice que no sabía nada (06/2015)

Arrestan a tercer sospechoso de conspirar ataques terroristas en Nueva York (06/2015)

NYC´s history of inmate and suspect escapes, told by surveillance videos (06/2015)

James Foley´s friend and POW: Ransom rules a step in right direction (06/2015)

Policía le pisa los talones a los dos asesinos fugitivos de NY (06/2015)

Feds: S.I. Man Tries To Stab FBI Agent With Knife During Terror Probe (06/2015)

Queens Student Arrested for Alleged Terror Plot on Behalf of ISIS (06/2015)

Sale of 9/11 memorial pulled from online auction (06/2015)

Emiten alerta en el Aeropuerto de LA tras amenaza telefónica (05/2015)

Mayor De Blasio Blames Gang-On-Gang Violence For Recent Crime Spike (05/2015)

ISIS hackers take over local healthcare website; company tries to assure patients their info is safe (05/2015)

TSA Investigating Report Claiming Air Marshal Left Gun In Newark Liberty Airport Bathroom (04/2015)

FBI Enfrenta Nuevo Escándalo por Fallas en la Unidad Forense (04/2015)

NJTV: Are You Giving Personal Information Away with a License Scan (04/2015)

CBS: Climber Claims He Scaled Triborough Bridge, Posts Pictures (03/2015)

NBC: Police Search for Suspect in NJ ATM Attack (03/2015)

FoxNY: Air Force Veteran Charged with Attempting to Join ISIS (03/2015)

Inside Edition Article: Evil Now Has A Name: Jihadi John's Identity Revealed (02/2015)

FoxNY: Isis Marketing (02/2015)

Telemundo: Aumenta la vigilancia en los centros comerciales de EEUU debido a amenazas (02/2015)

Noticiero Univision: Refuerzan seguridad en los centros comerciales de EEUU ante amenaza de aliados de Al Qaeda (02/2015)

Noticias Mundo Fox: ONU invita a ver el extremismo violento como una problemática general y no como algo aislado (02/2015)

Univision Nueva York: Redoblan seguridad en NY por amenaza terrorista (02/2015)

ITV News Article: Man 'who plotted Manchester terror attack' goes on trial in US (02/2015)

CBS: State Department Comments On ISIS Draw Sharp Reactions (02/2015)

PIX 11: What is leading teens to terror groups? (01/2015)

MundoFox: Aumentan los controles de seguridad en los aeropuertos de EE.UU. (01/2015)

CBS: Security Expert: ISIS, Al Qaeda In A Race To See Who Can Attack New York City First (01/2015)

PIX 11: NYPD amps up security in Times Square ahead of New Years Eve (12/2014)

Univision Noticias: Protestas amenazan opacar la jubilosa celebración de año nuevo en NY (12/2014)

Fox NY: Sony Hack Attack (12/2014)

Mundo Fox: Informe del Senado sobre las torturas de la CIA podría revivir el sentimiento antiestadounidense (12/2014)

Mundo Fox: Agencias federales de seguridad en EE.UU. emiten recomendaciones para no ser víctimas de ISIS (12/2014)

PIX 11: NY waits for grand jury decision in Eric Garner death (12/2014)

PIX 11: Diamond District Heist (11/2014)

CBS: Potential Risk At Airport Security Checks?(11/2014)

Inside Edition: Jewelry Store Robbed in Broad Daylight (11/2014)

Mundo Fox: "El Chapo" Mexican drug-lord (10/2014)

NJTV News: Law Enforcement Concerned About Smartphone Encryption (09/2014)

Telemundo: Body Cameras for NYPD (09/2014)

Good Morning Australia: ISIS Threat (09/2014)

Aljazeera: 9/11 Remembrance Security Concerns (09/2014)

Fox: New York City security in a post-9/11 world (09/2014)

CBS: Russian Tourist In Court After Climbing Brooklyn Bridge (09/2014)

CBS: De Blasio Admin Orders Security Overhaul After Brooklyn Bridge Incident (07/2014)

Al Jazeera America: NYPD under fire again for claims of police brutality (07/2014)

Massive NYPD Response Day After
Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Incident (07/2014)

Telemundo: Sin resolver misterio de banderas blancas. (07/2014)

Yahoo Insider: Michael Strahan Targeted by Knife Carrying Man (07/2014)

Pix11: US gets 'credible' terror threat ahead of July 4th weekend (07/2014)

FoxNY: TSA Security Cell Phone Screening (07/2014)

FoxNY: Credit card skimmer found on muni meters (06/2014)

Gobierno implementa mayores medidas de seguridad en aeropuertos tras amenazas terroristas (07/2014)

CBS: Pricey Proposal Would Equip Subway Cars With Surveillance Cameras (06/2014)

FoxNY: Airport Security (06/2014)

CBS: Situation In Iraq Has Terror Experts On High Alert (06/2014)

Pix11: Boozy 'Phrosties' Delivered to Your Door (05/2014)

Pix11: Passover Security after Temple Shooting (04/2014)

FOX: Did police drop the ball on tracking CA serial killers? (04/2014)

Fox: NYC Bridge Stunt (03/2014)

CBS: Security Concerns Grow As Video Of NYC Bridge Scaling Posted To YouTube (03/2014)

Pix11: Nuclear attack on NYC: Could it happen? (03/2014)

Inside Addition: Is Nuclear Attack on NYC a Genuine Threat? (03/2014)

Univision: Freedom Tower Security (03/2014)

WPIX: Kid Sneaks to Top of Freedom Tower (03/2014)

ABC News: Over a thousand counterfeit $100 bills seized at JFK Airport (03/2014)

Inside Edition: Teen Slips by Security, at World Trade Center (03/2014)

CBS News: Teen Charged After Gaining Access To Top Of WTC (03/2014)

NBC News: Teen Slips by Security, Climbs to Top of WTC (03/2014)

CBS News: Stolen Passports Shed Troubling Light On Major Gap (03/2014)

Superbowl Boulevard: 200 Security Cameras (02/2014)

Arrest in 'Goodfellas' 1978 Lufthansa heist (02/2014)