Security Consulting

At MG Security, we take a proactive approach to security. Our consultative approach assesses vulnerabilities and analyzes risks to develop robust security strategies. Whether you’re safeguarding a corporate environment, critical infrastructure, or private residence, our consultants provide tailored solutions for your needs.

Corporate Security Consulting

MG Security provides some of the largest Manhattan firms with private investigator services and sophisticated private detective strategies and tools. Enterprises and executives with large assets at risk can have protection on every front — from international terrorism to garden-variety white collar crime.

Private Investigations

Our seasoned investigative team is dedicated to uncovering the truth. From corporate fraud to personal matters, we conduct thorough and discreet investigations to provide you with the information you need. Trust MG Security for reliable, results-driven investigative services.

Comprehensive Background Checks

Make informed decisions with MG Security’s comprehensive background checks. Our thorough investigations delve into an individual’s history, providing you with valuable insights to make sound choices in hiring, partnerships, or personal relationships.

Fingerprint Services

Precision and reliability are at the core of what we do. Whether for employee background checks, licensing requirements, or personal records, our certified professionals ensure accurate and expedited fingerprinting services.

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