Specialized Offerings

We understand the security details, potential challenges and safety concerns involved in organizing events and transportation.  Our dedicated team is here to streamline specialized services so you can concentrate on what matters most.

Executive Protection

When discretion is a requirement, MG Security Services provides the finest plainclothes and undercover specialists, most with current or former law enforcement backgrounds, advanced firearms training and the experience and skills to be effective but not intrusive.

The threat of domestic and international terrorism has never been higher. Personal protection services are a necessity. We will assess the potential threats and formulate an effective protection plan that is individualized and caters to the client’s needs. All protection services are delivered with discretion and confidentiality.

VIP Protection Services

Special events such as conventions, gallery openings, corporate parties and sporting events often require a customized security approach. Our special events personnel design a security plan by working closely with you to assess the security threat, crowd control and crisis response scenarios. The plan also emphasizes safety and security based on specific venue logistics. Trained security personnel are polite and professional, while they assure the safety and security of the event attendees.

Event Permit Services

New York City, with its proximity to national media channels, major advertisers and their agencies, hosts thousands of major events every month. We work directly with NYC authorities to speed your paperwork through and coordinate all aspects of the permit process. We have a razor focus on event and event security permits.

Firewatch Services

Fire emergencies pose a significant threat to both life and property. MG Security’s firewatch services are designed to detect and respond promptly to potential fire hazards, minimizing risks and ensuring a swift and effective response. Our New York City based firewatch professionals are trained to conduct vigilant monitoring of your premises, identifying potential fire hazards and taking preventive measures. In the event of a fire emergency, our team is ready to spring into action. With well-defined protocols and quick response times, we aim to minimize damage and protect lives.

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